PLEGRIDY dosing and administration1

Getting your relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) patients into the right routine

When factoring dosing and administration into treatment choice for your patients, it’s good to have options. To help meet the needs of your patients, PLEGRIDY offers1:

  • Every-2-weeks dosing
  • Subcutaneous (SC) administration using the PLEGRIDY SC Pen or PLEGRIDY SC prefilled syringe
  • Intramuscular (IM) administration using the PLEGRIDY IM prefilled syringe

Position and press: PLEGRIDY SC Pen1,2

  • Designed for one-handed self-administration
  • Needle remains hidden from start to finish
  • Audible and visual status indicators to ensure drug delivery
  • Injection sites are abdomen, back of upper arm, or thigh

PLEGRIDY SC prefilled syringe1,3

  • SC single-dose prefilled syringe arrives ready to use
  • 29-gauge, 0.5-inch needle is preattached to 1.0 mL capacity glass syringe
  • Injection sites are the abdomen, back of upper arm, or thigh

PLEGRIDY IM prefilled syringe1,4,5

Comparison between SC and IM administration

An open-label, crossover study analyzed findings from 130 healthy volunteers to assess the bioequivalence of single doses of 125 mcg of PLEGRIDY administered as a subcutaneous (SC) and intramuscular (IM) injection.

The primary endpoint of the study was the assessment of bioequivalence based on pharmacokinetics of PLEGRIDY administered subcutaneously and intramuscularly. The pharmacokinetics of 125 mcg single dose of PLEGRIDY administered subcutaneously and intramuscularly were similar.

  • IM prefilled syringe arrives prefilled with 1 dose of PLEGRIDY in solution
  • The tip of the cap of the PLEGRIDY IM prefilled syringe is made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions
  • 23-gauge, 1.25-inch needle is included with the syringe but is not pre-attached
  • Injection site is the thigh; patients may alternate between left and right thighs


PLEGRIDY should be titrated at the start of treatment to help reduce flu-like symptoms that may occur at the beginning of treatment.

The recommended full dose of PLEGRIDY is 125 mcg by SC or IM injection 1 time every 14 days.

PLEGRIDY is titrated at doses of 63 mcg (dose 1, day 1) and 94 mcg (dose 2, day 15) prior to receiving the full dose (125 mcg).

Switching between the SC and IM routes of administration and vice versa has not been studied. It is not expected that dose titration should be repeated based upon bioequivalence demonstrated between the 2 routes of administration.

PLEGRIDY SC Starter Packs1,6,7

A PLEGRIDY Starter Pack is available for PLEGRIDY SC Pen and PLEGRIDY SC prefilled syringe containing the first 2 doses. Starter Pack devices are color coded to help the patient select the right dose.

PLEGRIDY SC Pen Starter Pack1,6

For Day 1:

One ORANGE pen containing 63 mcg of PLEGRIDY

For Day 15:

One BLUE pen containing 94 mcg of PLEGRIDY

PLEGRIDY SC Prefilled Syringe Starter Pack1,7

For Day 1:

One ORANGE syringe containing 63 mcg of PLEGRIDY

For Day 15:

One BLUE syringe containing 94 mcg of PLEGRIDY

PLEGRIDY Titration Kit for use with the PLEGRIDY IM prefilled syringe1,8

The PLEGRIDY Titration Kit comes with 2 titration clips to help ensure the right dose is delivered the first 2 times patients use the IM prefilled syringe. The IM prefilled syringe snaps into the titration clip, which has a collar to ensure the right dose is delivered. The clips are color coded to help the patient select the right clip for each of the first 2 injections. The yellow clip (for dose 1) allows a delivered dose of 63 mcg of PLEGRIDY, and the purple clip (for dose 2) allows a delivered dose of 94 mcg of PLEGRIDY. The PLEGRIDY Titration Kit does not include PLEGRIDY and is intended for use with the PLEGRIDY IM Prefilled Syringe Administration Pack.

PLEGRIDY IM Titration Kit

Titration clip collar

Additional dosing and administration information1

  • PLEGRIDY is for subcutaneous or intramuscular use only
  • Recommended dose for both routes of administration: 125 mcg every 14 days
  • PLEGRIDY dose should be titrated, starting with 63 mcg on day 1, 94 mcg on day 15, and 125 mcg (full dose) on day 29
  • For subcutaneous administration, the usual injection sites are the abdomen, back of the upper arm, and thigh
  • For intramuscular administration, alternate injections between the left and right thighs
  • Rotate injection sites with each administration to minimize the likelihood of severe injection site reactions, including necrosis or localized infection
  • Analgesics and/or antipyretics on treatment days may help ameliorate flu-like symptoms

Storing PLEGRIDY, including while traveling1

Advise patients:

  • Store PLEGRIDY in the original carton to protect it from light

  • Keep PLEGRIDY in the refrigerator between 36° F to 46° F (2° C to 8° C)

  • After removing PLEGRIDY from the refrigerator, allow it to warm to room temperature for about 30 minutes. Do not use external heat sources, such as hot water, to warm PLEGRIDY

  • Do not freeze PLEGRIDY. Discard PLEGRIDY in an FDA-cleared sharps container if it freezes

  • If refrigeration is unavailable, such as during travel, PLEGRIDY may be stored at room temperature up to 25° C (77° F) for a period up to 30 days. PLEGRIDY can be removed from and returned to a refrigerator, if necessary

Watch the PLEGRIDY SC Pen injection video

Watch the PLEGRIDY IM Injection Video